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SkinChemists is British beauty company that traces its roots right back to 1890. The time of Queen Victoria and another age. The story of what they were making in 1890 is incredibly interesting, much really is relevant to us today in the 2020's. The ethos and the values they held so dear, the respect. The personal commitment between the Chemist and the customers. The trust.

SkinChemists is based on the work and the scientific philosophies of Francis G. F. Walker. He graduated as a Pharmaceutical Chemist on the 7th September 1955, before beginning a lifetime working in public health. He took over Thomas Ridley & Sons Chemists Ltd, the family business trading at 9 English Street, Carlisle, England. Mr Walker as the community knew him, had a deep connection with the customers he made treatments for. Francis worked with the Ridleys family, and continued many of their traditions.

In the 1960's shortly after graduating he created a new formulation. A skin treatment called Elder Flower Cream. It went on to be one of the most in demand beauty creams of its time. Used by the most fashionable members of 'country society' and by the modern woman, the 'it' girls of the 1960s. The trail blazing young female executives challenging the status quo.

Mr Walker had fused science and nature, was a pioneer of advanced effective natural skincare. One of the first ever to create a vegan, botanical skin cream, fusing the Elderflower Plant with a Natural Moisturiser.

Mr Walker was known as a deep thinking scientific man. A man who reached out, visited the sick personally when they were in need. Mr Walker practised a philosophy of care, quality and results. Today as we being the 2020s - those principles of caring, quality treatments and delivering advanced results are at our core.

"My father was a Chemist and member of the Pharmacology Society of Great Britain graduating in 1958. In the 1990’s while I was working with him making a new formulation, we were talking about what makes a great formulation. He said to me, "Richard, when we’re making a skin treatment, you need to make it with passion, to make it with love, and make it knowing that your treatment is going to help many, many people."

- Richard Walker, Founder & Managing Director

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