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Youth Series Collagen Tone & Flex Kit

Sale price$44.80 USD

Day and Night skincare regime to improve skin tone. Collagen is a well renowned essential ingredient which helps target the loss of our natural protein structure, support collagen production and provide firming properties whilst working to promote your most youthful appearance.

Collagen Day Cream 50ml
Our day moisturiser is formulated to be lightweight but effective; offering a high level of hydration whilst incorporating ingredients which can help form a protective barrier to keep daily aggressors at bay.

Collagen Night Cream 50ml
Replenish your complexion while you sleep with our Collagen Night Moisturiser. With its intelligent ingredients designed to improve skin elasticity and smoothness, this essential formulation developed around the highly acclaimed ingredient Collagen, helps to support skin structure and provide firming properties which promote your most youthful appearance.

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