skinChemists Talk | Jameela Jamil

I was lucky enough that the beautiful Jameela Jamil answered my questions on beauty and life - have a little look and see what you think =), I for one, agree with her musings on chips and J Lo! What do you enjoy about writing?
The fact that I can say anything I want, that I have a platform to speak my mind, to be heard, and I live in a country that allows and encourages free speech. We take that for granted. Which is a devastating truth.
Who's make up artist would you borrow for life?
J Lo, She always looks imaculate. What even is that skin make up?
In your opinion, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Rosie Huntington Whitely. No competition.
What are your top 4 make up items?
Mac strobe cream Bobbi brown golden light bronzer Nars albatross highlighter Maybelline falsies mascara
Are there any particular annoyances you have about make up/ skincare?
Taking your make up off at night. What a boring way to end the night.
What are your top 4 skincare products
Creme de la mer cream Dr organics eye cream Palmers cocoa butter Clarins factor 50 sunscreen (a must!)
What product would you LOVE to try?
Anything J lo uses... Seriously.
Best thing you've ever tasted?
Chips. If I could have a fragrance is would be either chips or toast.
Book that has changed your life?
Caitlin moran how to be a woman. Manifesto of never being ashamed of anything. Literally anything.
Tell us about what you're up to at the moment?
I do my show on radio 1. I have launched a press on nail line with elegant touch which I adore! I am making a documentary about pornography for BBC3 And I manage 3 young music acts. I'm bloody exhausted!