skinChemists Basics- why we NEED them

It’s back to basics at skinChemists this week. We thought a visit to some of our older, lesser-known stalwarts was in order- we’ve had months of updating our bestsellers, bringing it with totally new products, and with even more innovation and exciting new launches on the skinChemists horizon, it’s time to debrief and talk about the tried-and-trues.

We at skinChemists pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to marry science and nature.

Bee Venom, Snake Venom, Wild Caviar, Apple Stem Cells… if it sounds like it would be at home on an ep of Man vs Wild, it’s probably just about deserving of a spot on our product lineup. If there is a natural phenomenon that freezes/preserves/heals, you can bet your ass that skinChemists have found way to bottle it up. So, somewhat uncharacteristic of our brand are the products I want to talk about this week- conveniently one each of cleanser, skincare, makeup prep and makeup.

These are products that customers order in multiples, are staples in skinChemists HQ, and personally, there are two items in here that have caused a not-so-minor freakout when I realised I’d used up the last pump. They’re honest to god essentials.

Hot Cloth Cleanser: Good skin starts with a good cleanser- we all know that. This one is rich in argan oil, and feels luxurious and gets all the gunk off. Makeup and London Grime don’t stand a chance, and your skin will be silky soft and purified (but not stripped!) when you’re done with this.

Hand And Face Moisturiser: Another argan offering. A luxurious thick crème in a heavy blue glass bottle- winner on all counts. Suitable for all skins, even the most sensitive. Smells beautiful, too- a personal favourite of mine.

Studio Finish Primer: Rather similar to Smashbox’s popular offering, this one is light, matte, and super efficient. Makeup stays on forever. ‘Nuff said.

Under Eye Definer: The culprit of the freakout. Hey, when the packaging is a heavyweight silver tube, there’s no way of knowing when you’re running out of product. My only gripe on an otherwise lovely product. Lightweight, peachy toned to disguise blue-circles, light reflective. Total winner.

When buffed over the top of a more heavyweight concealer, this somehow manages to make everything brighter. Stock up, everyone. See, our basics hold their own to our more adventurous offerings. Bee Venom and Snake Serum, meet your match in humble Argan Oil. Studio Primer and Under Eye Definer- we couldn’t live without you.