Featuring | Gracie Francesca

Here at skinChemists we love to celebrate people who work hard, and Gracie Francesca is no exception! With a hugely loyal YouTube following, her words have now finally been put to paper per se, at her wonderful blog - Ugly Face of Beauty. Gracie is an inspiration to many, with her blog and YouTube carrying a mixture of beauty, fashion, health and general life, and her warm, unassuming personality has made her a favourite with those in the beauty-know!

Gracie's weight-loss and health journey, along with her wonderful beauty and fashion recommendations makes her the perfect watch/ read for a lazy evening in, and these cold nights that we are now experiencing! I often settle down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watch her latest video, which is why I was so very happy to see skinChemists in Gracie's Beauty and Fashion Haul Video. So settle down with your hot beverage of choice, and have a little watch =) .