Blue Monday | Uplifting Skincare

The new year is always a time for a little change, and a little self-improvement - some go on diets, some give up alcohol, but we think - as your face is on show pretty much 100% of the time - that a new skincare routine (or a few tweaks to your existing routine) is the way to go. Today is what the press have coined "Blue Monday" - the 3rd Monday of January, and apparently a time where everyone has one problem or another. Now, we think the best way to combat Blue Monday is to spoil yourself tonight, and I have hand-picked a selection of skinChemists products, along with a few others, that will have you feeling blissfully uplifted.

First up, have a bath! Baths are good for the soul, time for relaxing, and happy contemplation - a time to just slow down. Splash a few drops of oil (we recommend Tisserand's Muscle Ease Bath Oil), and relax. A bath is a wonderful time for a mask - pores are more receptive to letting out any impurities in the skin, and accepting of the lovely ingredients that masks carry. Today I am recommending Rapid Facial, which is a wonderful mask for cleaning out the skin, chemically exfoliation and radiance-boosting. Simply smooth on a thick layer and let the hot bath do the rest of the work - ideally leave on for around 15 minutes, longer if you have the time, and then here's the trick: wet a flannel with hot water, wring it out almost completely and place over the entire face. This actually has the effect of reactivating the Clay within the mask - it can absorb grime twice, without effecting the integrity of the active ingredients. Leave on for another few minutes, until dry again, then either use your hands, or a hot flannel to wipe off the mask.

Once out of the bath, treat yourself to our newest, most exclusive Bee Venom Oil - the perfect blend of efficacy and luxury. Warm a few drops between the hand, then massage in a leisurely fashion all over your now baby-soft visage: the oil will sink in almost immediately, leaving just the right amount of slip for you to massage it in. The oil is not greasy in the slightest - feeling more water-based, it leaves a softened, supple feel to the skin and a beautifully uplifting tropical fragrance.

And now, it's time for bed =).

Much love, Team sC x