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Lifechange Vitamin D3 + Fifty Plus Pack

Sale price$49.99 USD

Vitamin D3

is truely essential for the bodies overall health and wellbeing, and for maintaining the immune system. The body naturally creates Vitamin D3 with exposure to sun, however too much sun can actually decrease Vitamin D3 in the body. Remove the uncertaintiy with Vitamin D3 caspules, one a day for a happier healthier you.

Please be aware that these will expire on: 31/01/2019

Fifty Plus Vitamin

After a certain age our bodies need a little more help to stay on top form. Fifty Plus capsules are a complex formula of vitamins and minerals, which have been specially formulated to boost Vitality, immunity and contribute to normal vision & bones health. Be the best you with Fifty Plus Capsules.

Please be aware that these will expire on: 28/02/2019

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