The Wrinkle Killer Rundown


Now let’s just get one thing clear- here at skinChemists, we have a tonne of products. We have the original Wrinkle Killer range, the hugely popular Bee Venom series, our much loved Wild Caviar AND the Innovation Range which contains everything from lash enhancing potions to scar lightening lotions… not to mention our Body Care series, Salon Professionals for our new 'back to basics' skincare and finally our very new Retinol range. Blimey. That’s almost 50 products to choose from (!)- many with seemingly similar functions. So, today I thought I’d start shedding some light on the differences between products that even have me confused.

Go and get yourself a cup of tea, lovely readers, and tune in, ‘cos this is gonna be a big ‘un. First up- the original and the bestselling wrinkle killer range- pen and paper at the ready, everyone ;)    

Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum: Our first ever product, and still the best selling. WKSS paralyses newly forming wrinkles and helps to relax existing lines, using a combination of 4% Syn-ake,and Hydrotriticum WA for its powerful moisture binding properties. Suitable for everyone bar the very youngest beauty junkies (never mind that I’m 23 and use it regularly…shh)

Wrinkle killer facial oil: This little beauty is a great all-rounder- it contains the wrinkle-zapping Syn-ake, but also rose stem-cells for skin barrier protection, vitamins C, B5 and E to brighten, moisturise and protect and Olive and Sweet Almond Oil for a serious dose of moisture in your skin. Brilliant for in-betweeners- those of us who want to start protecting their skin against wrinkles, but have other skincare concerns to attend to, too. An all-rounder, if you will.

Wrinkle Killer Duo Moisturiser: Containing Syn-ake, hyaluronic acid and coconut oil, this product aims to gently relax wrinkles and intensely hydrate. Brilliant to supplement your other wrinkle-killing products,too.

Venom mask: This mask is probably my fave of the wrinkle-fighting series. It’s fast acting, non-occlusive (won’t clog pores), and best of all- it’s a creamy gel that disappears right into the skin, meaning that you can wear it overnight, around the house and down the shops without looking like Frankenstein’s monster. Contains Syn-ake, a whole whack of hyaluronic acid and a little magic ingredient called Glycofilm- a physical barrier to pollution in the air. I leave it on all night ;)

So there you have it- a round up of four of our most popular products! Use Wrinkle Killer for hardcore wrinkle fighting, wrinkle killer facial oil for the benefits of Syn-ake but compounded with other skincare benefits, Duo Moisturiser if your skin craves Syn-ake but needs simple but very effective hydration..aaand finally, Venom Mask for a luxurious hydration and wrinkle-fixing hit. Which products have you tried? Which is your favourite?