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Article: The Bloggers' Verdict- Wrinkle Killer!

The Bloggers' Verdict- Wrinkle Killer!
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The Bloggers' Verdict- Wrinkle Killer!

For today’s installment of skinChemists Blog, I thought we’d do something a bit different. Here on the blog we’ve done many the product review, a load of ‘how-to’, ‘best-of’s, and a good amount of product comparisons. We’ve done interviews aplenty, ‘face-of-the-day’s, and the odd sciencey post- we’ve got a lot of bases covered.

But you know what has never graced the *cyber, glowing* pages of this blog before? The thoughts of all of you. Featuring blogger reviews on this corner of the website is virgin territory for us, and we think it’s about time we set it right!

Blogger reviews are a complete goldmine of objective information in the cosmetics world. For any beauty junkie, trusting bloggers’ transparency and trawling the web for snippets of information before purchasing products is a must. It’s essential beauty research!

So, over the last week I got rather click-happy for you lot and put together a list of all the skinChemists product reviews I could get my mitts on. The oldies, the newies, and a few YouTube clips to boot. The problem is, they number in the hundreds (I love it!).

Rather than presenting you with a giant mass of links, I’ve decided to split them up a bit. First up is reviews of our Wrinkle Killer range- we love it, you love it- let’s get to talking about why we love it!

Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum Reviews

Lisa of BeautyInfoZone:

Halle Carlson of TheSloaney:

Sonya of Sonya’sHappenings:

Bethan of BYOUTiful:

Ellen of TheSocialite’sCloset

Ashley of LisaFreemontStreet:

Connie of PeanutButterandWhine:

Venom Mask Reviews

LaaLaa of DolceVanity:

Shifa of GetGawjus:

Ashley James:

Gracie of UglyFaceofBeauty:

Wrinkle Killer Facial Oil and Venom Mask Reviews

Sara of HelloTheMushroom:

The girls at TheBeautyRebel:

Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum, Facial Oil, Cleansing Solutions and Duo Moisturiser Reviews

Victoria of SecretsOfAParisienne:

The verdict is in- we love our Wrinkle Killer (I’m a bit of an addict myself, no judgement here ;)! What’s your favourite ever product in the Wrinkle Killer range? Next up, Bee Venom Reviews- another biggie!

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