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Article: The Bloggers' Verdict- Bee Venom!

Blog Post

The Bloggers' Verdict- Bee Venom!

On this bleary London Sunday, we at skinChemists thought we’d do your work for you.

We know the importance of blogger reviews in cyberland- these reviews are a complete goldmine of objective information in the cosmetics world. For any beauty junkie, trusting bloggers’ transparency and trawling the web for snippets of information before purchasing products is a must. It’s essential beauty research!

So, a couple of weeks back, we presented you with a full list of all the Wrinkle Killer reviews we could find. This time around, I got rather click happy trawling the internet for bloggers’ thoughts on our Bee Venom Range- the oldies, the newies, and a few YouTube clips to boot. We love it, you love it- let’s get to talking about why we love it!

Bee Venom Facial Serum Emma of Glossy Boutique Nicola of Obsessed By Beauty Stacey of Beautiful Solutions Forever Miss Vanity

Laura of The Sloaney

Ashley James of Made In Chelsea fame Blog and YouTube

LaaLaa of Dolce Vanity



Bee Venom Repair & Protect

Ray of ObeyRay

Eltoria of Eltoria Secrets: Blog and YouTube

Caroline of Sparkly Vodka

Gracie Francesca of Ugly Face Of Beauty


Bee Venom Facial Oil

Sophia of Sophia Meola

India Robyn of The Jewel Beauty

Liverty Bea of Liverty Beauty

Chelsea of Through Chelsea's Eyes

Olivia of Olivia Cox


Bee Venom Serum, Bee Venom Facial Oil and Bee Venom Repair & Protect

John of Mr. Wharff

  Bee Venom Facial Serum and Bee Venom Repair & Protect Shifa of Get Gawjus   Bee Venom Facial Serum, Bee Venom Duo Moisturiser and Bee Venom Eye Serum

Olivia Newman-Young of Made in Chelsea fame HERE

  Bee Venom is currently on offer on until Monday 11 August. See what others have to say, and get your own while stock lasts!  


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