Skincare Additions | Masks

Today we broach the subject of masks on the skinChemists magazine. Once thought of the remit of "ladies what lunch", within the confines of a professional salon environment and as only being needed perhaps once a month, we now know that face masks are a necessary part of the upkeep of your skin. They are skincare additions, but ones that are highly important, but also can be highly effective. The face mask world can, however, be quite the minefield, with those that are clay, those that are deep-cleansing, those that hydrate - and the list just goes on and on and on. Here at skinChemists we have divided our masks into two: one for pure hydration (the skinChemists Venom Mask), and one for the week to week upkeep of your skin (Rapid Facial). We feel that together, these two skincare additions provide the extra support you need from your face mask collection.

 The Rapid Facial contains within it one of my favourite skincare ingredients of all time - Glycolic Acid. It is a wonderful all-round ingredient, and helps with everything from texture to clarity and even helps with the firmness of the skin. This is best applied and left until it dries, so it is perfect for use in the bath, or on a Sunday Pamper Day, which I know many people now indulge in. The mask is thick, clay-like, and really feels like it is doing good for the skin. After it dries, the mask can either be rubbed of, thereby adding a physical exfoliation to the ritual, or, as I do, washed off with a hot flannel. The Venom Mask is wonderful as a hit of moisture - perhaps you've had an awful night of no sleep, or overindulged in some alcohol, whatever the issue, the Venom Mask is your little miracle tube. Apply to the skin and (here's a top tip!) leave on for as long as you can, whether that is for 5 minutes, a few hours, or - my personal favourite - overnight. When you wake up, skin is wonderfully plump, softened and generally healthier looking.

If you are a fan of the Triple Threat Facial - a clarifying mask, followed by a brightening mask, then topped off with a hydrating mask - then these two skinChemists masks turn your triple into a double! skinChemists Rapid Facial does the clarifying and brightening, and the skinChemists Venom Mask adds all the moisture you need! Perfect skin in 2 simple, relaxing steps!

Much Love, the sC Team