Nano Perfect - Why We Love It!

I’m about to let you in on a little secret- Nano Perfect. It Photoshops your skin- in fact, there’s no need for Photoshop when there’s Nano Perfect around.

It’s a pore-blurring, shine-mattifying, skin evening perfector (aka genius product!) that will make things a little sunnier on no-makeup days, and help you on your way to flawlessness when totally perfect skin is in order.

It’s the genie of primers- it will tick all the boxes of the more traditional of its kind by smoothing over the skin’s surface, controlling oil and extending the wear of makeup, but what sets this apart from its priming counterparts is what it does without the makeup.

Nano Perfect contains incredibly tiny blurring spheres that veil the skin- without any sign of coverage, imperfections are shrouded, luminosity is ramped up, and skin-tone is immediately evened.

It’s pretty much celebrity skin in a bottle. To use without makeup, simply smooth a small amount onto dry skin.

For use under makeup, apply onto dry skin, wait a minute or so for the Nano Perfect to work its magic, and apply makeup as lightly as possible over the top. You’ll find you need less foundation!

We’re divided about how we use our Nano Perfect in sC Head Office- some like to rock it solo on their no-makeup days (myself included), while others include it in their daily makeup routine.

Either way, there’s one thing we all agree on- we love our Nano Perfect!
I’ll leave you with a picture that says it all- an unedited selfie from our lovely business development Exec, Magda. On the left, she is completely makeup free (and still completely gorgeous!). On the right, she is wearing only three products: our Nano Perfect, Under Eye Definer and Lip Plump.

Nano Perfect is on sale now for £24.99. For results like these, it’s a total steal. Be sure to get in while stock lasts!