Feelin' Hot Hot Hot... for Hot Cloth Cleanser!!

I seriously love taking off my makeup. It sounds a tad bit sad, I know, but a highlight of my day is coming home, slipping into my most comfy pjs, and beginning my nightly cleansing ritual. The smell of the products, the me time…,it’s something I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy each night. I am a devotee to the hot cloth method of cleansing- massaging the cream into your dry skin for minutes on end and removing it with a hot muslin is calming, therapeutic and luxurious- standing at the basin, you literally polish away the day’s grime. It’s a nightly ritual for me. For that reason, I tend to be a bit of a princess when it comes to my nightly skincare- I want beautiful products that are a pleasure to use to send me off into dreamland, not functional, utilitarian items, they of the plain packaging and usually funky smell- night time is pamper time, anyone with me?

Recently, my nightly therapeutic aid has been the skinChemists Hot Cloth Cleanser. It’s made with Argan Oil, so is more moisturising than most, and Allantoin, an ingredient known for its healing, restorative properties. And don’t get me started on the packaging- a heavyweight blue glass bottle with a pump dispenser that harks to the wares of Perricone MD and Aesop. Luxury in a bottle, I think. It’s a great one for a pamper night, when you want to go all out on the hydration front, or equally good as a moisture boost if you like to keep your skincare light (ie. Brilliant for balancing the skin when using products for acne prone skin!). And, on introductory offer from skinChemists.com for £29.99, it’s a total steal. Happy nightly cleansing time, girls!