Can a cosmetic solution really burn fat?

Can a cosmetic solution really burn fat?

A message from our founder Richard Walker B.Sc.


It has always been a great controversy can a cosmetic solution really burn fat? This is the claim that almost every manufacturer of 'body contouring' products wants to make. So can it:
  • Refine body contours.
  • Firm & tone.
  • Smooth the skin?

It is a certainly the reason why the active ingredient AmaraShape was at the top of the list to be included, when we set out to develop our next generation range of body shaping solutions.

As with everything in life it’s the balance that is so special. With our steadfast approach to use the maximum amount of the active ingredient, our aim is to give you the effect you want, and quickly.

A very eloquent chemist once said to me, “Richard, if you like strong coffee, you probably know that it is not as just about putting granules in your cup and adding a splash of water on the top. You need a right mix of coffee and water for a great taste. It is the same for the balance in science as well - creating the formula that is right for your body."

So what is AmaraShape and what do the scientists who made it think about it? Scientists wanted to develop a highly effective combination of fat burning actives in a topical treatment for thighs, buttocks, hips, waist and arms. The result was AmaraShape, a highly active compound isolated from bitter orange, which contains caffeine and Synephrine active substances.

There are rumors that body builders used it as a fat loss stimulant to increase the metabolic rate. Synephrine and caffeine are said to activate the breakdown of lipids in fat cells of the adipose tissue. (Adipose tissue is where we humans store energy in the form or fat).

To facilitate the penetration into the skin caffeine and synephrine are enclosed in liposomes. (Tiny bubbles made of our the same material as cell membranes that contain the formula). AmaraShape - for highly performing body shaping products.

AmaraShape is the key ingredient in Sculpt and Tone body shaping product, which we specifically recommend to use for lifting and firming arms. It’s light and it hasn’t an unpleasant burning effect that other body contouring products sometimes have. It is a paraben-free formula as well.

Finally, Sculpt and Tone is our top seller with so many men and women coming back again and again.

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